Power outage?
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The PUP™ is a backup device that will keep your broadband internet access up and running during power outages. Its a low voltage UPS (Mini UPS) with battery backup that is far more efficient than a traditional inverter UPS as it operates at low voltage. PUP™ replaces the power adapters that are shipped with the routers as it automatically provides power to the routers both whilst the mains power is on and when there’s a power outage.

How it works

PUP™ replaces the external power adapters of the router & Wi-Fi that provide your internet access. This provides power to these devices continuously. When the mains power is on it provides power from this source. When there is a power outage it utilizes a battery for backup power which will keep your system running for 8 to 12 hours.

Why PUP™?

No need for an expensive and noisy generator or inefficient inverter UPS

Efficiently provides back up power for low voltage routers and Wi-Fis

Inverter UPSs are inefficient because they generate 220V from their batteries. This power is then used to supply the routers power adapters. This is inefficient as large expensive batteries (typically more than one) are required to provide backup power for a number of hours.

Only one PUP unit is required for the typical installation since it will provide power for the router and Wi-Fi etc.

PUP is locally manufactured in South Africa


The backup time provided by its batteries depends on the load of the equipment that it’s supplying. Once a list is compiled of equipment that needs backup power an estimate of the backup time can be calculated. Typically this is 8 to 12 hours

Only one PUP unit is required for the typical installation since it will provide power for the router and Wi-Fi etc. (The ISP equipment manufacturers supply a power adapter with each device)

Yes, the PUP automatically switches over to backup power when there’s a power outage and then back to mains power when mains power is restored. This means no manual intervention is required.

No, the battery is charged whilst the mains power is on (with LEDs to indicate the charging status). A low voltage cutout circuit disconnects the battery when it’s fully discharged. NB: It is assumed there will not be more than one power outage in 24 any hour period.

Due to different voltages and power plugs that routers and Wi-Fi’s have the appropriate voltages and plugs are installed on each unit. Typically this is done when the unit is manufactured and is included in the price for the typical application. i.e. a router and Wi-Fi.

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